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This is a list of tools that have been officially approved of for use in the production of Web-Based Training modules. Training and assistance in the use of these tools can be provided by the Electronic Communications Services team in the Office of Health Communications.

Software Application
HTML Editors

Macromedia's Dreamweaver
Microsoft's FrontPage

Image manipulation & Compression

Macromedia's Fireworks
Adobe's Photoshop 5.5

Producing interactive questions with remedial feedback Macromedia's CourseBuilder (requires Dreamweaver 3.0)
Video editing Razor
Convert AVI (video format) to Realvideo and audio RealNetworks' RealProducer Pro
Convert MS PowerPoint slides into web presentations with timed changes and audio RealPresenter
Create custom slide shows with timed changes and synchronized audio RealSlideshow Plus 2.0
Capture learner responses to questions The ability to capture multiple choice submissions is available. Other methods are being worked on.
Threaded discussion on web page O'Reilly Software's WebBoard

It is not necessary to learn HTML, DHTML, or JavaScript to use any of the applications listed above.

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