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Additional information and links for designing and producing material for the web can be found here.

Here are recommended articles that are worth reading before you start developing a WBT module.

Developing Multimedia for Low-End Hardware
by Greg Willmarth

Five Web-Based Training Perils--and How to Avoid Them
By Kevin Kruse

Information is not Instruction!
By Kevin Kruse

Reclaiming Instructional Design
By M. David Merrill, Leston Drake, Mark J. Lacy, Jean Pratt & the ID2 Research Group Utah State University

The Role of Instructional Design in Multimedia Development
By Peggy Troupin

Web-Based Training
By Reggie Smith and Trude K. Diamond

Below is a list of popular journals that focus on issues related to designing and implementing Web Based Training modules.

Learning Circuits (American Society for Training & Development (ASTD)

Inside Technology Training (The School Technology Authority)


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